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LiLi Chunky Crochet Vest

Handmade to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks until shipment. 

One size fits all but works best on a S-L (model is 6ft2 188 cm)
The vest is gender neutral and fits both men and women 

Brighten up your look with the LiLi Chunky Crochet Vest. Totally handmade with recycled materials, this vest features colossal and small yarn in contrasting bright colours, along with oversized patchwork stitching and a salad hem to give the piece extra detailing and quirkiness. Use over a shirt, jacket or by itself. Please note that every piece will vary slightly depending on the material available and because it's made by hand. This is not some fast fashion, factory-made item. 

Designed and handmade by Anna Anicic in Sydney, Australia.

Material: 100% reclaimed Australian wool, 100% reclaimed cotton

The zero-waste, mini collection has been designed to be kinder to the planet and utilises leftover materials that would have ended up in landfills. 33% of all textiles become waste before the production stage, resulting in massive amounts of waste material polluting our environment. 

Using craftsmanship and innovative designs, every piece from this collection is unique and carefully made to be a special piece in your closet. Choosing sustainability options reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste that harms our humans, animals, land and water. The yarn has been carefully sourced, cleaned and quality checked before production. For more information, please see the FAQ page.

Please follow care instructions to maintain the appearance and extend the garment's life. Due to the delicate nature of this garment, we ask you to treat and handle it with special care.