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Featured at New York Fashion Week 2022

The lava dress is a bespoke, handmade piece made from Ahimsa silk (peace silk: where the cocoon is harvested after the silk larva has left its nest which is an ethical way of making silk) and organza. It was inspired by erupting volcanos, ash and flowing lava and is a one-of-a-kind dress.

Featuring an open back, bowtie neckline and two front slits. The Lava dress is constructed by sewing 20 vertical panels together. This means that the inside of the dress is seamless while it also drapes itself around your body, kind of like a corset. 

It's hand dyed with non-toxic cold water dye by using a Japanese colouring technique called Shibori which gives the dress its unique tiger stripes.

Fits a size AU 8-10 best. The model in the photos is 5ft7. Please email if you have any questions about measurements or size.