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ANICIC is a Sydney-based, independent, bespoke brand founded by Swedish born fashion designer, Anna Anicic, during the pandemic in 2021.

ANICIC rewrites what it means to be masculine, feminine or neither by experimenting with silhouettes and re-imagined proportions and offers a wide size range while being sustainable, diverse and cruelty-free. 

Anna's edgy and expressive garments have been featured at the New York Fashion Week Runway 2022, in Marie Claire Espania, Harper’s Bazaar, Casper Magazine, FIB Magazine and more.

The designs are all hand made by Anna, using either biodegradable, end of line or recycled materials that are sourced locally in Sydney. The textiles are hand dyed with non-toxic cold water dyes to save land and water from pollution while offering bright, vibrant colors and patterns.



Beginning as a creative outlet for Anna’s imagination, aspiration and personal values, ANICIC reflects her life journey. She grew up in a in a multi-cultural household in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a daughter of two immigrants, Anna found it challenging to navigate her identity and sense of belonging and faced racial discrimination because of her background. From a very young age, Anna started to show interest for illustration, craft and style. She experimented with expression in the form of clothes, art and music, giving her the confidence to create her own sense of self and who she wanted to become. 

She moved to Australia in 2016 to pursue her dream of benefiting the world with art, inspiration and inclusivity, and is currently studying a Masters of Design with research focus on sustainability. She is dedicated to develop better and more sustainable practices and technologies in design. She hopes that ANICIC can offer a sense of freedom and confidence to whoever wears her creations.  

Instagram: @anicicoffical
Facebook: @anicicofficial